Want to Import hair removal products from China?
BEWAXING.COM is the leader in hair removal wax manufacturing in China. Established in 2017 in the city of Shenzhen, BEWAXING.COM is dedicated to creating natural and safe hair removal waxes that focus on quality and efficiency rather than cheap mass production. The company’s products include all kinds of waxes, wax warmers, and pre and post-waxing care products.


BWSDWH-2-W is a sleek, modern design with a digital display that allows you to choose the best one for you.


BWKCWH-1C-B includes an easy-to-clean pan, a see-through lid, and a removable power cord.


BWPMWH-5-B is designed for limited counter space and is perfectly sized for eyebrow and face waxing.

What people say?

Now it’s bare there where there used to be bear hair.

I have…or had…thick course hair. I’d say about 98 percent was removed which is way better than my last outting using some strips. Now there will not be any places for small woodland creatures to hide in and run from.

I will say, waxing your own scrote will separate the men from the boys.

Patitucci Sanchez

Personal User

This is the best and easiest to use wax I have ever tried.

It dries super fast and when it does, it creates a vacuum seal around the hair.

It doesn’t stick to the skin at all and reduces pain by 90%. I am very happy because our clients are very happy too.

Rachel Kelley

Owner of Cosmetic Agency

This is the best hard wax! It does much less damage than the other top brands I tried at school.

Removes more hair the first time (using a pre-wax cleaner to remove dusty areas first) and is easier to handle and remove residue from the skin.

Works well with strips so you can use thin layers and less wax.

Patricia Velasquez

Beauty Specialist

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